Dan Campbell gets some love in 2023 NFL Head Coach Rankings

Dan Campbell may have a 17-28-1 record as a head coach, but he is getting some pretty nice love in the 2023 NFL Head Coach Rankings.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell has become a beloved figure among players in the National Football League. Renowned for his ability to bring out the best in his team, Campbell's popularity resonates within the locker room, with many players expressing enthusiasm to play for him or sign with the Lions. The 33rd Team's 2023 NFL Head Coach Rankings gave Campbell some love.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions NFL Head Coach Rankings

Key Points

  • Dan Campbell is highly regarded among players in the NFL due to his ability to maximize their potential and his popularity in the locker room.
  • The 33rd Team's NFL Head Coach Rankings placed Campbell at No. 16, surpassing coaches like LaFleur, McCarthy, and McDermott.
  • Despite his relatively short coaching tenure, the positive perception of Campbell is reinforced by the Lions' notable win against the Packers in Week 18.  

Dan Campbell gets some love in 2023 NFL Head Coach Rankings

At an impressive No. 16 ranking, Campbell is positioned him ahead of notable coaches such as Matt LaFleur, Mike McCarthy, and Sean McDermott. Analyst Ross Tucker acknowledges that while this ranking may be higher than Campbell's current accomplishments warrant, the buzz surrounding the Detroit Lions and their victory over the Green Bay Packers in Week 18, which knocked the Packers out of the playoffs, solidifies the recognition.

Analysis: Campbell is another former teammate of mine. This might be a little too high for what he’s accomplished thus far, but the buzz around this Detroit Lions team is real, and so was that win in Lambeau in Week 18 to kick the Green Bay Packers out of the playoffs.

Bottom Line: Campbell's Coaching Impact  

Dan Campbell's rise in the NFL Head Coach Rankings reflects the growing recognition of his coaching abilities and his positive influence on the Detroit Lions' team culture. Players' eagerness to join the Lions and the high regard they hold for Campbell speak volumes about his leadership and the atmosphere he has fostered within the organization. As the Lions continue to make strides under his guidance, Campbell's ranking validates the enthusiasm surrounding the team's potential and underscores the impact a coach can have on a franchise's success.  


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