Dan Campbell has epic reply to question about feeling ‘pressure’

What Dan Campbell just said will soon be on a t-shirt!

In case you have not yet heard, the Detroit Lions have announced that for the first time in Ford Field history, season tickets have been completely sold out. On Saturday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to the media before practice and when he was asked if he feels any extra pressure due to season tickets being sold out, he had an epic reply!

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Dan Campbell has epic reply to question about feeling ‘pressure'

When asked if he feels any additional pressure because of the season tickets being sold out, Campbell had the following response:

“I don't feel weight. I feel wind underneath my freakin' wings,” he said. “Truthfully.”

Campbell says the preseason hype uplifts him “absolutely.”

“I love this. This is outstanding,” Campbell said. “I love our fans, and they feel it like we feel it. No, this is not a burden. This is not pressure. This is not weight. This gives me inspiration, is what it does for me and our guys.”

Campbell Feels The Support

Campbell's response clearly shows that he and his players can feel the love and support of Lions' fans. By buying up all of the season tickets, Lions' fans are showing just how excited they are for the upcoming season. After starting off the 2022 season with a 1-6 record, Campbell stayed the course and the team ended up winning eight of their final ten games to finish with a 9-8 record, which was just one game short of making the NFL Playoffs.

Key Points

  1. For the first time in Ford Field history, the Detroit Lions have completely sold out their season tickets, signaling strong fan support and anticipation for the upcoming season.
  2. When asked about potential pressure from this unprecedented sell-out, Lions' head coach Dan Campbell responded that he didn't feel weight, but “wind underneath [his] freakin' wings,” implying positivity and motivation.
  3. This support comes following a turnaround in the team's performance in the 2022 season, where despite starting with a 1-6 record, the team won eight of their final matches under Campbell's leadership.

Bottom Line: Campbell Can Feel the ROAR!

The complete sell-out of season tickets, a first in Ford Field history, is a significant show of support and anticipation by Detroit Lions' fans. Far from feeling the pressure, Dan Campbell views this as a positive push, reflecting the team's upward trajectory after their 2022 season turnaround. The enthusiastic fan base, combined with Campbell's resilient leadership, indicates a promising future for the Detroit Lions.


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