Dan Campbell has tiebreaker to settle Detroit Lions roster battles

Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he revealed what the tiebreaker will be for the roster battles that have not been settled.

We are just 16 days away from the start of the 2022 NFL season and the Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell knows there are still some training camp battles that have to be resolved.

Earlier this week, Campbell spoke to reporters and he mentioned that there are “eight to ten” roster spots up for grabs as the Lions head into their final preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At that time, Campbell did not go into detail about which spots on the roster are still up for grabs but he did give a few hints on Friday.

“So much of it is, our linebacker position is still in flux right now,” Campbell noted. “That’s an ongoing battle. Certainly, some of our backup positions, the backup safety position is big right now. As it relates to special teams. The backup linebacker, forget even that these guys are jockeying for positions as starters, but that relative to the half backs, who’s gonna help us more on special teams. The wide receivers versus the DB’s, the tight ends relative to the linebackers, or running backs, who’s gonna give us the most bang for our buck on special teams.”

Dan Campbell explains tiebreaker for Detroit Lions roster battles

Prior to Friday's practice, Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he revealed the tiebreaker for making the team would be special teams play. (Obviously, this has nothing to do with the battle for the backup QB spot)

“Well, always the tiebreaker is gonna be special teams,” Campbell said. “That’s the first. If it’s close at all, it needs to be someone who can help us on special teams. I mean, certainly it’s hard. You’re just gonna have to, we have to weight it. Dependability and, look, trust is a big deal with me. But I’m also a realist, too. I understand that you can have a team full of those guys and if you don’t have enough talent you’ll get beat, so it’s a juggling act that I have to do here.”

“It’s tough, it’s gonna be hard because you’re gonna be, Brad and I went through it again (Thursday) night,” Campbell commented. “You go through these scenarios, doing the balancing. You’re juggling the durability, the dependability. They do it right, but are they good enough, truly good enough versus the talent, flash player but can’t trust them. They can do it if the light comes on. It’s hard, but that’s the task we’re given.”

There are some battles in training camp that seem to be coming right down to the wire and it will be very interesting to see the decisions Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes make to cut the roster down to 53 players.