Dan Campbell: ‘I know I can get better’ as Detroit Lions head coach

Through his first two years as Detroit Lions head coach, Dan Campbell has earned the respect and admiration of players, fans, and media alike. His ability to connect with the team, his openness in interactions with fans and the media, and his daring offensive strategies have contributed to his growing credibility. Additionally, his leadership guided the Lions to an impressive record of eight wins in their final ten games last season, resulting in a 9-8 record. Despite these achievements, Campbell remains humble and driven to continue improving.

Dan Campbell 2023 NFL Coach of the Year John Cominsky Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Campbell has earned credibility as the Lions' head coach through his connection with players, transparency, and bold play-calling.
  • He led the Lions to eight wins in their final ten games last season, leading them to within one game of making the playoffs.
  • Campbell acknowledges that there is room for improvement in his coaching abilities, particularly in game management and decision-making.

Dan Campbell: ‘I know I can get better' as Detroit Lions head coach

During an episode of the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast, Campbell expressed his recognition that there is still room for growth in his coaching abilities. He emphasized the importance of dedicating time to studying game management and analyzing past performances to make better decisions in critical moments. By continually putting himself in hypothetical coaching scenarios and considering various strategic options, Campbell aims to develop the instincts and quick thinking necessary to excel on game day.

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“I mean, there's still, there's so many things that I know I can get better at and that I want to do better,” Campbell said on the latest edition of the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast. “And that's, man, that's time on task. That's watching more tape. That's, you know, I mean, throughout the year, every night before the games, I try to watch all these game managements from the week before and put yourself in the shoes of this, you know, okay, you're running this game. How are you going to handle this? You know, to your point, are you using the timeout now? Are you going to hold on to it? You know, at what point do we start slowing the clock down? Should we challenge this play? And, I think just the more times you, you know, in your head, you put yourself in those situations, you have an answer in the moment when it comes in real time.”

Bottom Line – A Tenacious Coach Aiming for Greatness

Dan Campbell's journey as the head coach of the Detroit Lions has been marked by significant strides, both in terms of team performance and his personal development. While he has already earned credibility and admiration from fans, players, and the media, Campbell's hunger for improvement and his commitment to studying game management set him on a path to even greater success. With a growth mindset and tenacity, he strives to make the Detroit Lions a formidable force in the NFL. As the upcoming season unfolds, all eyes will be on Campbell and the Lions, eagerly anticipating their continued growth and progress.

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