Dan Campbell makes himself very clear about Jared Goff at NFL Owners’ Meetings

On Monday, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell gave a strong endorsement of quarterback Jared Goff while speaking to NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero at the Annual League Meeting. Campbell expressed his admiration for Goff and his ability to lead the team, stating that “Goff's our guy, man…I love our quarterback position right now.”

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions Jared Goff

Key Points

  • Campbell expressed confidence in Goff as the Lions' quarterback
  • Campbell praised Goff's performance in the past season and believes he will continue to play at a high level
  • The Lions' quarterback strategy for the upcoming draft remains unclear

Why it Matters

Campbell's endorsement of Goff at the annual owners' meetings provides insight into the Lions' quarterback strategy and their confidence in Goff leading the team.

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Big Picture: The Lions' quarterback situation

The Lions' quarterback situation has been a topic of discussion since the team traded longtime starter Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for Goff and draft picks. Despite some concerns about Goff's ability to lead the team, Campbell's endorsement of Goff provides reassurance that the team believes in him. However, with the sixth and 18th picks in the upcoming draft, the Lions still have the option to draft a quarterback if they choose to do so.

“Listen, feel really good about it. Goff? Love Goff. Goff's our guy, man,” Campbell said when asked about the Lions' QB situation. “I think he's proven over the last two years that, man, he's made for us. He's had to endure a lot, just like all of us have. I thought he played his best football last year, and I think he's gonna come out and play some of the best this year. Feel good about it.

“So I love our quarterback position right now.”

“When you've got a quarterback, you hold onto those guys, man,” Campbell told Pelissero. “If you really believe they can play, then those are your guys.

“I don't know, I don't want to get into the money. … I just know this: When you find a guy that you really believe in that can help you win, then I think you do what it takes to make sure that's your guy.”

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The Bottom Line – Goffing in the Right Direction

Dan Campbell's endorsement of Jared Goff as the Lions' franchise quarterback provides a sense of stability for the team. While the Lions' quarterback strategy for the upcoming draft remains uncertain, Campbell's comments suggest that the team is confident in Goff's abilities and leadership. With Campbell's praise, Goff now has the opportunity to prove himself as the team's long-term solution at quarterback.

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