Dan Campbell opens up about Detroit Lions culture

In a recent report by The MMQB's Albert Breer, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell shed light on the team's cultural transformation under his leadership. Campbell emphasizes the importance of having a self-regulating team, where players set the standards and hold each other accountable. This cultural shift has played a significant role in the Lions' rise to prominence and their positive outlook for the upcoming 2023 season.

Dan Campbell Jalen Carter Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Lions' cultural transformation under coach Dan Campbell emphasized
  • Self-regulation and player accountability key to the team's success
  • Detroit Lions' impressive second-half surge in the 2022 season

Dan Campbell opens up about Detroit Lions culture

Here is what Campbell told Breer about the culture in the Lions' locker room.

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“I always wanted a team that you felt could self-regulate,” he says. “The standards were set, and [the players] were the barometer. They were the regulators. They were the ones who said, Listen, this is how we go about our business. The coaches, we’re out of the world of, Hey, this is how we do things. This is what we do. We’re into all little football things, the detail, the fundamentals, the technique, the scheme. All the other stuff, the standards of the way that we go about our business, how we show up, when we show up, the way that we practice and the way that we are in the weight room with conditioning, the players handle that.

“If somebody is below the standard, if somebody’s below the line, well, the herd gets them back in line. That’s what I feel like is a little different now. Here we are going into Year 3, and I can feel the team beginning to take over, that our captains, our core, this team, are beginning to set the standards. That’s what I wanted all along. That, to me, is culture.”

Bottom Line – Culture Takes Center Stage

The importance of team culture cannot be overstated in the world of professional sports. It sets the foundation for success, fostering unity, accountability, and a shared vision. Campbell's approach of entrusting players with the responsibility of upholding the team's standards has led to tangible results for the Lions. The team's remarkable turnaround last season and the optimistic outlook for the upcoming season demonstrate the power of a strong and self-regulating culture.

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