Dan Campbell posts touching video message for “The Queen” of the Detroit Lions

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If you are part of the Detroit Lions amazing Twitter community, you are well aware of Sweta Patel (@sweta2311), who I have often referred to as “The Queen” of the Lions.

Sweta recently announced to Lions’ Nation the heartbreaking news that she had suffered a miscarriage, leading to an outpouring of support from her Twitter family.

“I found out this morning that my baby didn’t have a heartbeat,” Sweta tweeted. “I know this is extremely personal however I feel like my Twitter family deserves to know!!”

On Friday, new Lions head coach Dan Campbell did something pretty darn cool when he took the time to post a video message to let Sweta know that he and the Lions have her back.

Please keep Sweta in your thoughts and prayers as she deals with this difficult time in her life.

Sweta, we all have your back!