Dan Campbell provides parting message for Detroit Lions players

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell had a message for his players on Thursday.

As the offseason program concludes for most of the Detroit Lions‘ key players, head coach Dan Campbell has decided to excuse the veterans from the remaining voluntary workouts. Instead, he intends to focus on the development of young players in the upcoming week. On Thursday, Campbell had a parting message for his players.

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Key Points

  • Campbell has excused veteran players from the remaining voluntary workouts.
  • The focus of the upcoming week will be on developing young players.
  • Campbell's parting message emphasizes self-care, staying in shape, and being prepared.
  • The Lions' training camp will start in mid-July, earlier than usual due to the Thursday night season opener.

Dan Campbell provides parting message for Detroit Lions players

Looking ahead to the summer break, Campbell plans to impart a straightforward message to his team: take care of themselves, stay in shape, and return ready for the challenges ahead.

“Just take care of themselves, be smart, continue to train. Be in shape, which they will, and that’s really it,” he said. “And come back ready to go.”

The Lions' training camp is scheduled to begin in mid-July, slightly earlier than usual due to their participation in the NFL's Thursday night season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bottom Line – Preparing for Success

Campbell's parting message to the Detroit Lions players serves as a reminder of the importance of individual accountability and preparation during the summer break. By emphasizing self-care, training, and readiness, Campbell sets a clear expectation for his team to approach the offseason with dedication and professionalism. As the Lions gear up for training camp and the highly anticipated season opener, the coach's message lays the foundation for success, highlighting the significance of personal responsibility and teamwork. With a renewed focus on growth and development, the Lions aim to build a strong and competitive team that is ready to face the challenges of the upcoming season.


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