Dan Campbell punks internet with comments on Pat McAfee Show

How did Dan Campbell punk the internet on the Pat McAfee Show?

If you happened to tune in for Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, you once again saw that Lions head coach Dan Campbell is more than willing to get creative, or roll the dice, if he feels like it will give his team a better chance to win. Late in the fourth quarter of the Lions' 34-23 win over the Vikings, Campbell, and Lions OC Ben Johnson dialed up a play to OT Penei Sewell that everybody is still talking about. On Tuesday, Campbell joined the Pat McAfee Show and he said he was distracted by a wave going on at Ford Field when the play was called.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions Pat McAfee

How did Dan Campbell punk the internet on the Pat McAfee Show?

Campbell joined the show on Tuesday and he said the following to McAfee:

“Here’s another thing that happened. These things happen during the game, but—so we’re in that situation and the fans are doing the wave around the stadium. And so I’m just watching it and I hear (offensive coordinator) Ben Johnson go, ‘Hey coach, do you want to [garbled noises]’ and I’m so focused on the wave and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ And then I look up, and we’re throwing it to Penei, and I’m like, ‘What the (expletive) are we doing?’ He said, ‘Coach, you said it was fine.’ But it worked out great. It was unbelievable.”

Following those comments from Campbell, tons of people took to social media as if Campbell was being serious.

Folks, as noted by Jeremy Reisman, he was just having fun.

Earlier in the day, Campbell joined the crew on the Stoney & Jansen Show on 97.1 the Ticket and he noted that he did not even notice the wave going on at Ford Field.

“I didn’t see the wave,” Campbell said.

Carry on!