Dan Campbell replies to question about WR DeAndre Hopkins

Prior to Thursday's OTAs, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell was asked if he is intrigued by WR DeAndre Hopkins.

As Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions head into the 2023 offseason, the team's faithful have found themselves immersed in a whirlwind of speculation and hopeful whispers. The subject of their collective fascination? Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who previously donned the red and white of the Arizona Cardinals. Many believe that Hopkins' undeniable talent and playmaking abilities would be a perfect match for the Motor City's own Honolulu Blue and Silver.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions DeAndre Hopkins

Key Points

  • Campbell declined to comment on the possibility of signing Hopkins, recently released by the Arizona Cardinals, during a media session prior to OTAs.
  • Campbell expressed confidence in the Lions' current receiver room, citing the team's successful top-five offense in the 2022 season as evidence of their collective talent and diverse skill sets.
  • The potential financial implications of signing Hopkins, who would likely demand a hefty contract, could hinder the team's ability to address other areas of need, prompting Campbell to prioritize maintaining team chemistry and building upon the foundation of the previous season's success.

Dan Campbell replies to question about Detroit Lions signing WR DeAndre Hopkins

On Thursday, just prior to the start of the Lions' organized team activities (OTAs), Campbell spoke to the eagerly awaiting media. Inevitably, the question of Hopkins emerged, hanging in the air like an elusive touchdown pass. Not surprisingly, Campbell did not offer much insight.

“I'm not going to comment on that one, but I like our receiver room,” Campbell said. “I think we got a good mix of different types of guys.”

The Lions' rising offensive prowess

While the Lions have long been maligned as underdogs in the highly competitive NFL landscape, their offensive resurgence in the 2022 season turned heads across the league. Led by quarterback Jared Goff, Detroit's offensive unit propelled the team to newfound relevance, leaving fans cautiously optimistic for the seasons to come.

Considering this recent success, it becomes clear why Campbell, and Lions GM Brad Holmes, might hesitate to tamper with a formula that already appears to be working. DeAndre Hopkins, though an undoubtedly talented player, would undoubtedly command a hefty contract in free agency. Such a financial commitment might hinder the Lions' ability to address other areas of the team in need of attention.