Dan Campbell Reveals What He Is Looking for When Interviewing Prospects

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters on Wednesday at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine and revealed his process for evaluating potential draft picks. Campbell explained that he looks for the “It Factor” in players, which is a combination of intangibles that make them stand out from the rest.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Campbell has met with 30-35 players so far, and only four have received the “It Factor” checkmark next to their game.
  • The “It Factor” is a combination of physical ability, mental toughness, leadership skills, and a competitive edge.
  • Campbell is looking for players who fit the culture they are trying to establish in Detroit.

Why it Matters: Dan Campbell is looking for the “It Factor”

Ever since Dan Campbell arrived in Detroit, they have been focused on changing the culture within the organization. He and GM Brad Holmes want to find players who not only have the physical skills to compete at the NFL level, but also possess the intangibles that will make them successful both on and off the field.

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“I don't know how many guys we've met with at this point over these two to three days,” Campbell told reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine. “Let's call it 30 guys, 35 guys, and I've check-marked four guys. And to me, they got the ‘It Factor'. Just when you sit in there and you hear them talk about football, it's there. There's a fire burning and, oh man, they can't sit in their seat. They've got to get up to talk. They got to tell you what's going on. This is how I think, and you can't fake that. When you have that, you love ball, and you'll eat and breathe it and do anything for it, do anything for your teammates. You’re uber-competitive. And those guys are rare. You can find those guys and they've got some ability, which most guys here do. It's hard not to like them.”

Campbell's emphasis on the “It Factor” reflects his desire to find players who can help build a winning culture in Detroit. The Lions have struggled in recent years, but Campbell and Holmes are determined to change that by bringing in players who are committed to the team's vision and willing to work hard to achieve success.

Bottom Line: The Detroit Lions have established a culture in Allen Park

Under the previous regime of Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn, the Lions' culture was toxic and unproductive. But in just two years, Campbell and Holmes have made significant strides in changing that. They have emphasized the importance of character and work ethic in the players they bring in, and they have created a positive environment in which players can thrive.

Campbell's focus on the “It Factor” is just one example of how he and Holmes are working to build a winning culture in Detroit. By identifying players who possess the intangibles that are essential to success, they are laying the foundation for a team that can compete at the highest level for years to come.

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