Dan Campbell reveals why Jameson Williams missed yet another practice

Dan Campbell spoke to the media just moments ago and he explained why Jameson Williams missed yet another practice.

According to previous reports, Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams was absent from Saturday's practice for an undisclosed reason. On Tuesday, prior to the Lions' joint training camp practice with the New York Giants, Dan Campbell explained that Williams missed Saturday's practice because of a “personal matter” and that he would be on the field today.

Campbell says Williams will get a “nice dose”

Campbell said that Williams will get a “nice dose” of reps over the next two days.

“I think that's what this is all about,” Campbell said. “Let's see how much we can give him and see how much he grows. The more reps he gets, the better he's gonna get. He'll get a nice dose these next two days, and we'll get him in the game and we'll let him grow.”

Dan Campbell Emphasizes the Importance of Practice for Jameson Williams

During a recent interview, Campbell explained why it is important for Williams to get in as many reps as possible in practice.

“It’s important,” Campbell said. “We need him out there. He needs the reps, he needs the mental reps — but, there again, he’s out there in the afternoon walk-throughs going through those things. But during the morning practice, that’s his — part of that time is to get him out there in rehab, get him running, get him moving, but yeah, he’s a young player, hadn’t played. And so, yeah, we do need him out there. And the clock’s ticking every day.”

Key Points

  1. Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams was absent from a previous Saturday practice for personal reasons, according to coach Dan Campbell.
  2. Campbell reassured that Williams would be present for the Lions' joint training camp practice with the New York Giants on Tuesday.
  3. In an interview, Campbell underscored the significance of regular practice for Williams, including physical exercises and mental rehearsals, to maintain his performance level.
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Bottom Line: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Williams' unexplained absence from Saturday's practice initially raised concerns that he could be dealing with another injury. However, Campbell clarified on Tuesday that Williams was absent due to personal reasons. Campbell previously emphasized the importance of consistent practice for Williams' overall performance. Campbell's reassurance that Williams would return for the joint training camp practices against the Giants suggests his absence was temporary. With that being said, these missed practices sure are starting to add up for the ultra-talented wide receiver.