Dan Campbell says Aidan Hutchinson could have new role with Detroit Lions

On Monday, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he said rookie Aidan Hutchinson could have a new role.

On Sunday afternoon, the Detroit Lions hoped to get back in the win column when they hosted the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field. Unfortunately, that did not happen and Aidan Hutchinson could have a new role on a defense that was embarrassed by the Seahawks for four quarters.

During the week leading up to Sunday's game against the Seahawks, Hutchinson said he is ‘hell-bent' on not missing football games.

“I didn’t really feel it too much. I thought I stayed pretty healthy throughout the game,” Hutchinson said. “I thought I played good in that game. Sometimes the sacks don’t come, but I don’t think there’s any bounce back. We just keep on rolling. I thought I played good, but yeah. We’re going to be rolling this game, just like I do every week.

Hutchinson had missed an entire week of practice before playing in the Lions' loss to the Minnesota Vikings, something he does not think he had ever done before.

“I don’t think I’ve ever missed practice a whole week and then played in the game. That’s never really been my thing. Yeah, it was just, you know, just a little something that was holding me out. I’m pretty hell-bent on not missing any games. I care about making it to Sunday. But I also value practice.

Could Aidan Hutchinson have a new role with the Detroit Lions?

Other than having three sacks in one half against the Washington Commanders, Hutchinson has looked a bit overmatched during the first quarter of his rookie season.

On Monday, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he said Aidan Hutchinson could have a new role.

“I think he’s one of the players that I think we need to look long and hard about, ‘Do we need to move him in some different spots? Do we need to see if we can give him an opportunity to have more success?’” head coach Dan Campbell said. “But look, I think he did a lot of good things in the run game (against Seattle), and look, I think he’s kind of where our defense is right now, where we’ve just got to improve.”

Campbell is correct, the Lions' defense as a whole is an absolute trainwreck right now (they have given up more points than any team in football) and it is going to take more than just a different role for Hutchinson to change that.

What is next for Aidan Hutchinson?

Dan Campbell went on to say that the plan is to go with whatever Aidan Hutchinson feels more comfortable with.

“If he’s going to be down over the tight end, it’s hard to be in a two, just to play the run,” Campbell said. “Not that you can’t, but you’re going to be much more on top of a tight end or a tackle, where it’s a little easier on the other edge.

“So look, we’re all open to whatever is most comfortable. Like if he feels like he can get his job done (standing) up, listen, no problem. I don’t feel like that’s an issue with him, or that’s going to change anything, but we kind of take it all into account. If it’s something he feels like he’s more comfortable at, we’ll go with that.”

What is concerning is not only that Hutchinson has not been as productive as the Lions would like him to be, but, in my opinion, he has almost looked too small as he matches up against opposing tackles.

Aidan Hutchinson could have a new role with the Detroit Lions moving forward and hopefully, it gets him going.