Dan Campbell says ‘clock is ticking every day’ for Jameson Williams

Dan Campbell recently expressed some concern about Jameson Williams missing practice.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell recently voiced concern over the amount of work wide receiver Jameson Williams has missed, considering the demanding season ahead. Williams, having been unable to practice the first half of the last season due to rehab, missed the initial two days in pads this season. His upcoming suspension in September will further limit his practice time, pushing him three weeks away from the team, with another three weeks devoid of practice.

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Dan Campbell says ‘clock is ticking every day’ for Jameson Williams

Campbell emphasizes the importance of Williams being out there, undergoing physical and mental reps. Although Williams was less perturbed about his missed time, noting his participation in offseason throwing sessions with Lions quarterback Jared Goff and other receivers, the concern of the clock ticking is palpable for Coach Campbell.

“It’s important,” Campbell said. “We need him out there. He needs the reps, he needs the mental reps — but, there again, he’s out there in the afternoon walk-throughs going through those things. But during the morning practice, that’s his — part of that time is to get him out there in rehab, get him running, get him moving, but yeah, he’s a young player, hadn’t played. And so, yeah, we do need him out there. And the clock’s ticking every day.”

“I feel like I get work every day,” Williams said. “I’m getting the same work as the whole team. I get to practice with the team, I get to work out with the team, I get to do everything with the team so I wouldn’t say it’s a sense of urgency.”

Key Points

  • Coach Dan Campbell voiced concerns over the practice time missed by Jameson Williams.
  • Williams missed significant practice time due to rehab and an upcoming suspension.
  • Despite his missed time, Williams participated in offseason throwing sessions.
  • Campbell stresses the importance of Williams' on-field presence for physical and mental reps.
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Bottom Line – Beating the Clock, Winning the Game

The contrasting perspectives of Campbell and Williams present a classic situation in professional sports. While the coach, aware of the relentless ticking of the clock, highlights the urgency, the player appears confident in his preparation. This scenario sets the stage for an interesting upcoming season, where the readiness of players like Williams will be put to the test. With the clock ticking, it remains to be seen how well the balance between recovery and readiness is struck and how this will translate into the Lions' performance in the forthcoming season.


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