Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions are not buying into preseason hype

After a shaky start to the 2022 season with a 1-6 record, some members of the Detroit Lions‘ fanbase questioned whether head coach Dan Campbell was the right person for the job. However, as the team rebounded and won eight of their final ten games, those same critics had a change of heart. The Lions' strong finish, combined with the team's off-season efforts to strengthen their roster, has generated significant buzz and anticipation for the upcoming 2023 season. Currently, the Lions are considered favorites to win the NFC North Division, with some even suggesting they could be Super Bowl contenders.

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Key Points

  • After a challenging start in 2022, the Detroit Lions finished strong, winning eight of their last ten games.
  • The Lions' successful finish and off-season moves have generated significant hype and expectations for the 2023 season.
  • The team is considered the favorite to win the NFC North Division and has been labeled as a potential Super Bowl contender.
  • Despite the hype, Campbell and the team remain focused on the work ahead and do not buy into external opinions or distractions.

Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions are not buying into preseason hype

In a recent media interaction, Coach Campbell made it abundantly clear that he and the team are not swayed by the preseason hype. Their focus lies solely on the work ahead, disregarding external opinions and distractions. Campbell emphasized, “We're not into the hype. Everything's about the work.” He further added, “We can't worry about what everyone else says.”

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Bottom Line – Staying True to Their Path

Despite the preseason hype surrounding the Detroit Lions, it is essential to recognize that success in the NFL is not determined solely by expectations or predictions. The team's determination to remain unaffected by external factors and maintain a disciplined approach sets them apart. While anticipation and excitement surround the Lions, their ultimate success will depend on their ability to execute their game plan, overcome challenges, and continuously improve as a cohesive unit. By focusing on the work instead of succumbing to the hype, the Lions position themselves for long-term success.

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