Dan Campbell says Jameson Williams is ‘miles ahead’ for Detroit Lions

Jameson Williams, the second-year wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, is making waves at the team's Allen Park practice facility. Despite a limited rookie season due to injury, Williams has returned in 2023 at full strength, displaying his potential and impressive speed. Even in the early stages of OTAs, he has caught the attention of head coach Dan Campbell, who expressed his excitement about Williams' progress.

Dan Campbell Jameson Williams Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Williams impresses at the Lions' practice facility.
  • Coach Campbell praises Williams' progress and growth during OTAs.
  • Improvement in route-running and route detail stands out.
  • Williams' suspension for violating the NFL's anti-gambling policy will delay his season debut.
  • The Lions remain focused on Williams' development and look forward to his return.

Dan Campbell says Jameson Williams is ‘miles ahead' for Detroit Lions

Campbell stated, “We're already miles ahead with him. We didn't even get this with him last year, he wasn't able to do any of it. Just to be able to build from the ground up not in the season. He's already in, here we go. Three weeks, four weeks, you see progress. He's got a lot of room to grow and develop, and he needs this time. We've gotta sharpen every little thing with him. Sharpen the routes, sharpen all of it, like any of the guys.”

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One area where Williams has shown improvement is his route-running. While playing for Alabama, his speed allowed him to consistently outpace defenders. However, the Lions are now focusing on expanding his versatility within his route tree at the professional level. Coach Campbell highlighted the growth in Williams' routes, emphasizing the improved attention to detail. Campbell explained, “He ran a couple routes (Wednesday) where, I mean, he's hitting the after-burner and then he drops his weight, puts his foot in the ground at about 18 yards and comes back to the quarterback. Those things are pretty impressive. When you can use your speed not just to take the top off but to put fear in the defense and then put your foot in the ground, and the quarterback puts it on the rope, it's hard to cover.”

Campbell says Lions will move forward despite Williams' suspension

Despite concerns surrounding Williams' maturity due to a suspension and his social media activity, the Lions have confidence in his growth and potential. The second-year wideout will miss the start of the season due to a six-game suspension for violating the NFL's anti-gambling policy. Coach Campbell acknowledged the situation, stating, “He knows. He's gotten it from everybody. It happened, it's an emphasis in the league right now. It's a big thing. Our players know. We've tried to hammer it home, certainly we did after that point, we've hit it two more times and we'll keep doing it. But listen, it's happening, the suspension is happening, so what do we do to move forward? So in the meantime, let's get the most work we can out of you, and then when you're out of the building, keep putting in the work and when you come back, you'll be ready to play.”

Jameson Williams Detroit Lions Dan Campbell

Big Picture: A Promising Future for Jameson Williams

In the larger context, Jameson Williams' emergence as a talented wide receiver bodes well for the Detroit Lions. His speed and progress in route-running provide an additional dimension to the team's offense. As Williams continues to develop and refine his skills, he has the potential to become a key playmaker for the Lions. His growth not only benefits the team's current roster but also lays the foundation for the future.

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