Dan Campbell sends video message to open-heart surgery patient [Video]

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell sent a heartfelt message to an open-heart surgery patient.

Say what you want about Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, but don't even attempt to say he does not care deeply about his fellow coaches, players, and fans. In case you needed some further proof of that, Campbell recently sent a video message to a Lions fan who is also an open-heart surgery patient, with the hopes of cheering him up a bit while he recovers. Campbell's message clearly worked, and the fan responded via Instagram.

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What did Dan Campbell say to the open-heart surgery patient?

Here is what Campbell said to the fan in the video, which you can see by clicking here.

“Hey, Dominic, this is Dan Campbell, head coach of your Detroit Lions, because I know you’re a huge fan. Hey, listen, man. I wanted to wish you a very smooth recovery from your surgery. I know it's a big deal but your wife Grace has said you handled it with ease, and a sense of laughter and lightness which is, listen we need more people around like you, puts it in perspective, that’s for sure. Anyway, appreciate you, and man I’m praying for you from afar, and from your beautiful wife too. That was, listen, she kinda made this work. I wish you the best thanks for being there, being a huge Lions fan. All the best. God Bless.”

Here is what the fan said in response to Campbell.

On November 23rd I had open heart surgery in enemy territory at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Everything went well. I just got out of the hospital today. I’m comfortable and doing well. The amazing staff over at Mayo did an great job. Their doctors/nurses/ Staff are the kindest most loving caregivers.
The biggest thank you has to go to my amazing wife @gcourvo. How she secretly tracked down the Coach for my favorite sports team @detroitlionsnfl @coachdancampbell to make me a video is absolutely insane. I hadn’t got a Pep talk from a coach in decades, but after I was ready to crash through the Mayo’s doors the morning of my surgery. Dan, thanks so much. It put me in a great mental zone. Final thanks goes to my parents @icemansmomma TVBOSSMAN Andy my father in law @courvo
Having family around made things function as smooth as they possibly could be have. @prideofdetroit @fantasyfootballtoday @detroitlionsfanpage

Huge props to Campbell for doing this.

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