Dan Campbell sets record straight about ‘chair throwing’ interview

Leading up to the Detroit Lions Week 11 matchup against the New York Giants, Giants head coach Brian Daboll told reporters a fun story about when he once interviewed Lions head coach Dan Campbell for a coaching position with the Miami Dolphins. During the story, Daboll described a scene that included Campbell slamming chairs and hitting walls during the interview. According to Campbell, Daboll ‘definitely exaggerated' his story.

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What did Dan Campbell say about his interview with Brian Daboll?

When asked about the story told by Daboll, Campbell said he does not remember throwing chairs, and that the story was exaggerated. That being said, Campbell did admit that he did use a chair as a prop, and that he was out of breath.

“Daboll, he tells that story to everybody,” Campbell said. “He tells it to me every time I see him, we talk, he brings it up again. I don’t remember throwing chairs through the walls or anything. That didn’t happen. But I did demo on chairs. But, yeah, he definitely exaggerated it. But I was sweating and I was out of breath, and I did use a chair.”

“Running routes, blocking, everything. It was an hour of technique work,” Campbell said.

Regardless of what really happened during that interview, it worked our for Campbell because Daboll ended up hiring him to be the Dolphins' tight ends coach.

Dan Campbell's Lions went on to beat Daboll's Giants 31-18 in Week 11.

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