Dan Campbell weighs in on former Detroit Lions HC Matt Patricia

This coming Sunday, Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions defense will take on a New England Patriots offense led by Matt Patricia.

If you are like me, you have probably tried to erase it from your head as Dan Campbell is now in town, but you likely still remember the time that Matt Patricia spent as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

During his time as head coach of the Lions, Patricia, along with his partner in crime Bob Quinn, absolutely destroyed the culture in Detroit and the Lions have been trying to recover ever since.

What did Dan Campbell say about Matt Patricia?

This coming Sunday, Campbell and his Detroit Lions will take on the New England Patriots and Patricia, who was supposed to be a defensive guru, just so happens to be handling the offensive play-calling duties.

On Tuesday, Campbell joined the Stoney and Jansen Show on 97.1 The Ticket and he said that Patricia has continued to improve as the Patriots' play-caller.

“Look, I think coach Patricia has done a pretty good job over there,” Campbell said on 97.1 The Ticket. “You can see him getting better every week and adapting. If he's watching our tape from last week, there are a number of things he's going to attack. I would .”

Detroit Lions at New England Patriots: Who wins in Week 5?

It's never a great idea to predict a final score for an NFL game that is still six days away as we really don't know who will or will not play for the Detroit Lions or New England Patriots.

That being said, here is my way-too-early for the Lions' Week 5 matchup against the Patriots.

Detroit Lions offense vs. New England Patriots defense

According to the DVOA advanced statistics via our pals over at Football Outsiders, the Lions have the No. 7 ranked offense and the Patriots have the No. 19 ranked defense.

Until the Lions' offense shows me that they cannot rack up points, I am going to keep believing in them.

Advantage: Lions ++

New England Patriots offense vs. Detroit Lions defense

According to the DVOA advanced statistics, the Patriots have the No. 18 ranked offense in the NFL and the Lions have the No. 31 ranked defense (how on earth are they not dead last?).

As badly as I want the Lions' defense to shut down Matt Patricia and the Patriots' offense, I honestly don't think the Lions' defense could shut down the Lutheran Northwest Crusaders at this point.

Advantage: Patriots ++

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