Dan Campbell’s high praise for Justin Fields: ‘He’s very dangerous’

Dan Campbell's high praise for Justin Fields was evident in his weekly press conference prior to the Lions' matchup with the Bears.

Prior to the Detroit Lions‘ matchup with the Chicago Bears, head coach Dan Campbell met with the media, as is his custom on Wednesdays. The Lions are looking to improve in the NFC North with another win, after squeaking one out this past week against the Green Bay Packers. In his presser, Campbell had specific praise for Bears quarterback, Justin Fields, the second-year quarterback that seems to be coming into his own lately.

Dan Campbell's high praise for Justin Fields

What was Dan Campbell's High praise for Justin Fields?

When asked about the offense of the Bears, Campbell did not hold back in his praise for what the tape had shown him regarding Fields. He said,

There's a lot more exclusive … more of a hybrid between … Deshaun Watson in Houston, Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, a little bit of Jalen Hurts … quarterback driven runs … his ability on third down … there's an opening in there and he takes it and that's where he's very lethal. He's very dangerous.”

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There is no doubt that Fields has been dangerous in recent weeks. Last week against the Miami Dolphins, Fields took the rock 15 times for 178 yards and a score, while also tossing for 123 yards and three scores. His rushing yardage is an NFL record for quarterbacks, eclipsing Michael Vick's mark.

It is still yet to be seen if Fields can take the momentum he's garnered over the last few weeks and keep the training rolling. It has only been the last four weeks of the season in which Feilds has rushed for 60 or more yards and combined that with 150 or more passing yards. However, he has thrown for at least one score and rushed for at least one touchdown in each of his last three games.

Maybe Dan Campbell was playing it a bit coy, and maybe he really is concerned about Fields' ability to create plays. Especially when you're aware of what a more mobile quarterback has been able to do to the Lions' defense. The likes of Jalen Hurts, Geno Smith, and, even to an extent, Aaron Rodgers have created problems for the defensive side of the ball. Based on this alone, Dan Campbell has some worrying to do.


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