Dan Campbell’s latest comments may be hint of things to come for Detroit Lions

If you have been paying attention to Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions, you are probably aware that they are currently in Indiana, where they have been holding joint practices against the Indianapolis Colts.

According to reports, the Colts dominated for the better part of Wednesday's practice as their receivers repeatedly torched Jeff Okudah and the rest of the Lions' secondary.

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But Thursday was a different story as the Lions' secondary bounced back and the team as a whole reportedly stacked up well against what should be a very good Colts team in 2022.

Dan Campbell's latest comments may be hint of things to come for Detroit Lions

Following Thursday's practice, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and what he said may be a hint that the Lions are going to be competitive against good teams in 2022.

“I think you want to know you don’t look out of place and I didn’t feel that way,” Campbell said. “I didn’t feel that way. And I think ultimately that’s what you want to know is like, ‘Man, do — is this something where we feel like we’re outmatched?' And I didn’t feel that way.”

Campbell specifically praised the Lions' offensive line for leading the way during the joint practices with the Colts.

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“It was good to see those guys go eat in the middle,” Campbell said. “I thought some of our combination blocks in the middle there, in the run game, but the pass protection as well, was our play-pass stuff was as good as I’ve seen in a while, which is encouraging. So that fired me up. They got our tempo going when the big boys came over. So that was good to see.”

Campbell added that playing well against a really good football team like the Colts is a real confidence builder for him and his players.

“It gives you a confidence,” he said. “It gives us a confidence, but you can feel it in our players. Our players have a confidence, like, OK, they feel we’re getting better, and to know that they feel like we stack up against these guys, that we’re not out of place and that we are getting better, and that we can do some things in all three phases. It gives our team confidence.”

Nation, what do you believe is the upside for the 2022 Detroit Lions? Should Dan Campbell be as confident as he seems to be?

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