Dan Campbell’s Lion-Sized Idea Gets Clawed By NFL

During a recent interview Dan Campbell said that even Sheila Ford Hamp was on board with this idea.

During a recent appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell revealed that he actually asked the NFL if he could have a live lion on the sideline at Ford Field, an idea he first shared shortly after being hired. Campbell's eccentric vision, however, has been thwarted by the NFL, despite gaining approval from Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp.

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Dan Campbell's Lion-Sized Idea Gets Clawed By NFL

Apparently, Dan Campbell didn't just want to coach the Lions; he wanted to chill with an actual lion during game. Now, if that doesn't make him the ultimate cat lover, what will? But the NFL was like, “Wait, you were serious?” and put the kibosh on his roaring idea, despite a thumbs-up from the team's owner, Sheila Ford Hamp. It seems that while the NFL can handle a bronco and even a hawk, a lion might just be the cat that broke the camel's back.

“Sheila, she had no problem with it, but the league apparently frowns on those types of things,” Campbell said.

“I’m not gonna point out Roger on this, I’m just gonna say the league frowns on that, let’s just say that,” Campbell said.

Key Points

  • Campbell fancied a real-life lion as a mascot.
  • Sheila Ford Hamp, the Lions' owner gave Campbell's wild idea a big nod.
  • The NFL wasn't ready for this kind of jungle action and politely declined the idea.
  • Live animal mascots are cool, but a live lion might be too cool for school.
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Bottom Line – From Mane Attraction to the Silent Pride

To wrap up, while Coach Campbell's idea of getting a real-life Mufasa to hype up the Detroit Lions was a jungle-level epic, the NFL decided to play Zookeeper and politely decline. So, no actual lion roars at Ford Field, but hey, the Lions will still be bringing the noise and Roary will keep doing his thing. You know what they say: “You can't cage the spirit of the Detroit Lions!” Just remember to bring your catnip, folks!