Dan Orlovsky makes bold claim about 0-16 Lions vs. today’s New York Jets

Current NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky has the unfortunate distinction of having been a part of the 2008 Detroit Lions, who became the first NFL team in history to go winless in a 16 game schedule.

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And yet as bad as that version of the Lions was, Orlovsky has made a pretty bold claim of how that team would perform against a current squad.

Orlovsky tweeted earlier today that he believes that the 0-16 Lions would defeat the current version of the New York Jets, who are 0-3 to start 2020, 16 out of 16 games:

Of course, Orlovsky hasn’t been shy about sharing stories about the disfunction that he saw with the Lions.

Do you think that the 2008 Lions would be able to have their way with the current version of the Jets?

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