Daniel Jeremiah shares thoughts on Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft options

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah recently shared his thoughts on the Detroit Lions‘ draft options in a press conference. He stated that he is intrigued to see what the team will do because they are a really good team and are right on the cusp. With the Lions having four of the top 55 picks in the draft, they have a chance to add some real help to their roster. Jeremiah also praised GM Brad Holmes for his handling of the Matthew Stafford trade, which resulted in the Lions having an abundance of assets.

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Key Points

  • Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network speaks highly of the Lions' draft options.
  • The Lions have four of the top 55 picks in the draft.
  • Brad Holmes is praised for his handling of the Matthew Stafford trade.
  • Jeremiah suggests Devin Witherspoon as an ideal draft pick for the Lions.

Daniel Jeremiah shares thoughts on Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft options

Here is what Jeremiah recently said about the Lions as they head toward the NFL Draft:

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“I’m intrigued to see what happens with the Detroit Lions because they’re right on the cusp. They are a really good team. We saw within a whisker of making the playoffs last year.

“When you look are they’re picking, they have four of the top 55 picks. They have another one there at 81. So they’ve got a chance to add some real, real help to their roster and the way that their lineup is set up right now, you don’t look like they can’t line up and play tomorrow at a certain spot. So that allows them to take the best available player.

“(General manager) Brad Holmes, I give him a lot of credit. He took a lot of grief after the (Matthew) Stafford trade, and they went on and won the Super Bowl with the Rams. He knew the timing, and he nailed it because they weren’t ready to win yet, and he was able to still get a quality quarterback in return and load up with all these assets, and now they’re in great shape.

“I don’t know that there’s many teams you would rather be than them right now. Where they are as an organization and the assets they have to go ahead and take that next step.”

Jeremiah would like to see Lions select CB Devin Witherspoon

The Lions currently hold the No. 6 overall pick in the upcoming draft and Jeremiah would like to see them use that pick to select CB Devon Witherspoon out of Illinois.

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“My ideal scenario for them was Witherspoon, who I love. One of my favorite players. He is plug-and-play. I think he will fit with their culture and their grittiness that they’ve installed there in that organization.”

Bottom Line – Lions have a real chance to elevate their roster

The Lions are in a strong position heading into the 2023 NFL Draft. With four of the top 55 picks and five of the Top 81, they have a chance to add some real talent to their roster. Holmes has already proven himself to be a shrewd decision-maker, and the team could make strategic moves that could elevate the Lions' roster for the 2023 season and beyond.

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