Daniel Tosh Labels ESPN “Hacks” in Video Tirade

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To say comedian Daniel Tosh, host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, did not take kindly to ESPN’s knock-off imitation of his show’s “Web Redemption” segment would be like saying Michigan State merely “slipped by” Michigan in this year’s football showdown. Tosh went off on the sports entertainment network, labeling them “hacks” (to put it kindly) and mocking ESPN’s unhealthy obsession with the likes of Johnny Manziel & LeBron James.

In Tosh’s NSFW retort, he also made certain to provide the worldwide leader in sports a taste of their own medicine by offering a version of ESPN’s Sports Science, aptly titled “Sports Science.0”, in which he broke down everything from Chris Berman’s yearly $3 million contract to the minuscule amount of highlights actually shown during ESPN’s highlight programs.

ESPN maintains it did not steal Tosh’s segment and plans to continue running their own version, aptly dubbed, “Awesome Video Segment”.