Darius Slay goes on profanity-laced tirade to defend D’Angelo Russell

Los Angeles Lakers rookie point Guard D’Angelo Russell has taken a lot of heat recently for leaking a video of teammate Nick Young admitting to cheating on his fiancee, hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea. Many people, mostly males, have accused Russell of violating the “bro code” by outing Young in the way that he did. Detroit Lions star cornerback and noted Lakers fan, Darius Slay is not one of those people. Slay took to Twitter to defend Russell, which would have been just fine if it ended there.

Almost immediately after the tweet, Slay went on Periscope to give his full two cents on the situation and things escalated quickly. Here’s the transcript as follows:

“This young man ain’t nothing but 20 years old,” Slay said. “You all acting like he snitched or something, he didn’t even snitch, his phone leaked the video out or something.

“I’m a Lakers fan, biggest Laker fan, so like that’s f***d up like how the Lakers doing, they can’t do that young boy like that, got security caring him out of practice, he got shoot around by himself, that’s crazy. Of course he shouldn’t did it. Of course he shouldn’t have recorded his homie doing that, everybody makes mistakes. I guarantee everybody on here watch ‘The First 48.’ N***’s snitching everyday B, n***’s get snitched on everyday, going to jail for life, can’t be around their kids or nothing, you know we got snitching out here. He going H.A.M , going H.A.M on just because you know he just told about the God damn, well he didn’t even tell he just recorded it. I’m just saying though, we got people out here snitching for real, like snitching getting put behind bars 20 plus years and they ain’t getting out and they got kids. You know what I’m saying, but we going H.A.M on all this other s**t you know what I’m saying? There way more snitches out there then just Russell, you all really throwing that ni**a under the bus that man 20 years old you all could ruin that man’s career. That man got a momma to take care of probably, daddy to take care of, brothers and sisters to take care of. You know you all trying to dog this man like this man probably can’t go nowhere now. You all is eating this man alive.

To read all the insanity of Slay’s Periscope rant as transcribed by 97.1 The Ticket’s Evan Jankens, visit here.

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