Darren McCarty gets power-bombed through table by WWE Hall of Famer [Video]

On Friday night, during Impact Wrestling's “Sacrifice” event in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, former Detroit Red Wings forward Darren McCarty found himself involved in the action during the Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer match. Ray took a sip of beer from McCarty's friend, spit it at him, and threw the cup at him. The WWE Hall of Famer proceeded to throw a jab at McCarty, who accepted the challenge and stepped into the squared circle. McCarty had the better of the fight until The Good Hands tag team jumped in and power-bombed him through a table.

Darren McCarty WWE Detroit Red Wings

Key Points

  • Darren McCarty attends Impact Wrestling's “Sacrifice” event
  • During Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer match, Ray spits beer at McCarty and throws a jab at him
  • McCarty steps into the ring and fights Ray, but is power bombed through a table by The Good Hands tag team

Darren McCarty gets power-bombed through table by WWE Hall of Famer

Take a look as McCarty goes toe-to-toe with Bully Ray before finally getting power bombed through a table!

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Bottom Line – When sports and entertainment collide

In today's world, where sports and entertainment are increasingly intertwined, McCarty's foray into wrestling is just another example of the changing landscape of sports fandom. As sports figures look for new ways to connect with their fans and build their personal brands, we can expect to see more crossovers like this in the future. For McCarty, his powerbomb through a table may have been a painful experience, but it also shows his willingness to take risks and try new things – a trait that has endeared him to Detroit sports fans for years.

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