David Montgomery has warning for Detroit Lions opponents

David Montgomery has a much different view of the Detroit Lions now that he plays for them.

Former Chicago Bears running back, David Montgomery, who has now joined the Detroit Lions, has issued a stern warning to opponents who underestimate the Lions. Montgomery, who has been on the other side of the rivalry with the Lions, acknowledges that his prior assumptions about the team have been overturned.

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David Montgomery has warning for Detroit Lions opponents

During his time with the Bears, Montgomery used to view the Lions as an opponent they expected to beat in their biannual NFC North confrontations. However, after joining the Lions, Montgomery has gained a new appreciation for the team's work ethic and skill. He now believes that the Lions should not be taken lightly by any team.

“Right now there's no way I'd circle the Lions anymore,” Montgomery said. “Seeing how they work. – the way they practice. Seeing how high powered on both sides of the ball they are.

“There'll be no more circling the Lions by anybody.”

Key Points

  • David Montgomery's change in perspective about the Detroit Lions.
  • Montgomery's warning to other teams not to underestimate the Lions.
  • The stage is set for a big season
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Bottom Line – A Roaring New Era

David Montgomery's warning serves as a bold declaration of the Lions' strength and potential. As the new season approaches, it will be interesting to see how the Lions leverage their reinvigorated team and whether they can prove Montgomery's assertions true. The stage is set for a roaring new era in Detroit Lions' football.