David Montgomery Says Lions Are About to Take Rushing Attack Through the Roof

David Montgomery has high expectations for 2024

On Tuesday, Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery shared insights into his partnership with fellow backfield mate Jahmyr Gibbs following the team’s first mandatory minicamp in Allen Park. “I definitely think what makes us like peanut butter and jelly and what makes us work is we’re so different, but we’re very good in our own way. It’s hard for teams to prepare for us,” Montgomery said. The unique blend of their skills creates a dynamic threat that opposing defenses will struggle to contain.

David Montgomery electrifies Ford Field

High Expectations for a High-Performance Year

Montgomery emphasized the high expectations the duo has set for themselves. “We’ve got high expectations for ourselves and both of us, together, we didn’t think that was good enough. We want to be better this year and we will,” he stated. This drive for excellence underscores their commitment to not just meet but exceed their previous performance levels.

Mutual Coaching: Learning and Growing Together

One of the standout features of Montgomery and Gibbs’ relationship is their mutual coaching and learning. “The things that ‘Jah’ (Gibbs) does well that I have to do, he coaches me on and vice versa,” Montgomery explained. “Just being able to be each other’s counterpart and being able to try to strike off each other is really, really big. It’s hard to find that in the NFL, two guys that are kind of doing it that way.” This symbiotic relationship enhances their individual and collective performance, making them a formidable pair.

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Running the Ball: Fast and Furious

Montgomery succinctly described their offensive strategy: “Yeah, we want to run it. A lot. Fast.” This straightforward yet powerful statement reflects the Lions’ intent to dominate the ground game with speed and aggression, leveraging the complementary styles of both backs.

No Room for Error: Elevating to Elite

With a year under their belts in the current system, the expectations for Montgomery and Gibbs have significantly increased. “Yeah, the expectations are far more higher,” Montgomery explained. “You’ve been in a system for a year, and you have that room to mess up, like you’re allowed to do that. But now, there’s no messing up. So, the things that we did and okay last year, we have to take it up a notch and make it elite. We believe in each other and know that we can do that. But, in order for that to happen, we have to push each other harder than we pushed each other last year, and we will do that.” This mindset highlights their determination to refine their game and achieve elite status.

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Why It Matters

The partnership between David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs is crucial for the Detroit Lions’ offensive success. Their ability to complement each other’s strengths and push each other towards excellence can transform the Lions’ running game into one of the most feared in the league.

The Big Picture

Montgomery and Gibbs’ unique dynamic, mutual coaching, and commitment to improvement set a high bar for the upcoming season. Their success could be a key factor in the Lions’ overall performance and potential playoff aspirations.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Unique Partnership: David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs form a dynamic running back duo, leveraging their complementary skills to create a formidable challenge for opposing defenses.
  2. High Expectations: Both players have set high expectations for themselves, aiming to improve upon last year’s performance and achieve elite status.
  3. Mutual Coaching: Montgomery and Gibbs engage in mutual coaching, learning from each other to enhance their individual and collective performance.

The Bottom Line

David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs are not just aiming to be good; they are striving to be elite. Their partnership, built on mutual respect and continuous improvement, positions them as a significant threat to any defense they face. The Lions’ running game, powered by this dynamic duo, promises to be fast, aggressive, and highly effective.

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