Deadspin bashes Detroit Lions’ Matt Patricia for calling out media member’s posture

In case you missed it, Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia had a bit of an issue with a reporter who was not sitting up straight as he asked a question during Wednesday’s press conference.

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The reporter asked Patricia a question and the Lions head coach scolded the reporter, asking him to sit up straight and show some respect for the process, and then to re-ask the question.

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Since the comment, Patricia has taken quite a bit of heat, mostly from the media. Even a fellow head coach mocked him for his ‘posture’ comment to the reporter.

Dolphins’ Adam mocks Lions’ Matt Patricia following ‘posture’ comments to media member

It looks like this is something that Patricia may not be able to put behind him too easily.

On Thursday, Deadspin decided to pile on when the posted an article titled, “Coach Who Always Looks Like A Pile of Dirty Laundry Scolds Reporter for Slouching.”

From Deadspin:

To be clear, this is how Matt Patricia dresses for his professional job that everyone must respect:













Buddy, your team’s in last place, and you always look like you just woke up on the floor of a college dorm room five minutes ago, except for the one time when you looked like a frat brother showing up to court on hazing charges. This hardass approach didn’t work for Josh McDaniels and it won’t work for Trendy Shitheap over here, unless he’s trying to get back to being a coordinator. It’s just football, man.

Nation, which side are you on in regards to this situation? Do you agree that Patricia was right to call out the reporter who was “slouching” during Wednesday’s press conference or was his move to demand the reporter to sit up and show respect over the top?




Dolphins’ Adam Gase mocks Lions’ Matt Patricia following ‘posture’ comments to media member

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