Deadspin: ‘Don’t be a turkey, cancel the Lions on Thanksgiving’

If you clicked on this article, there is a pretty good chance that you are triggered, just as I was when I saw it on Deadspin earlier not long ago.

That’s right folks, Deadspin writer Jesse Spector is suggesting that the annual Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game should be canceled. But, it may not be for the reason you think.

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I will be honest, when I first saw this article come across on Twitter, I figured it was another clown who knows nothing about the Lions suggesting they be banned from Thanksgiving because they are an awful franchise.

Spector’s reasoning has nothing to do with how bad the Lions’ organization is, but instead, it has to do with canceling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a couple of excerpts from Spector’s piece: (Note: His COVID-19 numbers are way off, there were actually over 6,000 cases reported on Wednesday)

He started by saying the NFL has an opportunity to send a clear message to the country by canceling the entire slate of Thanksgiving matchups

With coronavirus spiking across the United States, and the holiday looming as an inflection point for things to get even worse as people travel, students return from hotspot campuses and families hold gatherings, the NFL has an opportunity to send a clear message to the country that everything is not okay, and normal traditions cannot proceed as usual by canceling its full slate of games on the holiday. That would be Texans at Lions, Football Team at Cowboys, and Ravens at Steelers.

Spector went on to say that the Lions have the most to gain from canceling.

Detroit is the iconic home of the NFL on Thanksgiving, and the Lions are the one team out of the three holiday hosts that has not been allowing fans at its games. That might make it seem like calling off the Detroit game is the least urgent of the three, but it’s Detroit that has the most reason to pull the plug on the NFL this Thanksgiving, and the greatest gain to be made from doing so.

For one thing, if the Lions aren’t allowed to play at Ford Field, there won’t be a backlash of ticket-holders angered at having their holiday plans upended. When the people who would argue “you’re restricting our choice as adults to take this risk” out of the equation, it not only makes the political calculus easier, it allows for the reality of the situation to gain that much clearer of a focus.

Nation, do you agree with Spector that the Lions should cancel their annual Thanksgiving Day game due to COVID-19?

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