Dear Bob Quinn: Stop pussyfooting around and pay Kenny Golladay

Dear Bob Quinn,

Hey, it’s us again. Yeah, you know, the Detroit Lions’ fans who are desperate to see our team win a Super Bowl at some point before we die?

Anyways, it’s good to talk to you again, and as usual, we have some advice to pass along that most general managers around the NFL would consider common sense.

Bob, stop pussyfooting around and pay Kenny Golladay!!!

Now, we understand that you are not the most competent general manager in the history of sports, but how difficult is it to understand that you are playing with fire when it comes to one of the best receivers in the entire league?

Golladay is easily a top 10 receiver in football and he may even be approaching top 5 status and he is still just 26 years old!

Bob, what more does Golladay have to prove to you in order to sign him to the extension he deserves? Or, are you trying to low ball the man? Because I will tell you what, that strategy may end up blowing up in your face.

Kenny has made it very clear that he is not thrilled with you right now, Bob, and that he is going to get paid one way or the other.

So, either you can pony up and make sure Golladay remains a Lion for the foreseeable future or you can continue to play games and risk losing him in the offseason.

Because guess what, Bob? There will be teams lining up to give Kenny G the money he has earned.

Will the Lions be that team?

That is up to you, Bob.


Detroit Lions’ fans