Dear Chris Ilitch: PLEASE do the right thing and sell the Detroit Tigers

*Originally published on July 6, 2019

Dear Chris Ilitch,

I am writing this letter on behalf of those of us fans who believe you are single-handedly ruining the Detroit Tigers’ chances of ever winning another World Series.

On Friday, some very startling news was reported that you decided to give general manager Al Avila a contract extension, stating that you have been “impressed with Al’s leadership and focus, and the steadfast way he has led our baseball operations since becoming GM.”

Mr. Ilitch (scratch that, that title is your late father’s and his only), with all due respect, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! WHAT IMPRESSES YOU ABOUT WHAT AVILA HAS DONE AS GM?!?!

You can say you love the Tigers and will do whatever it takes to make them into a winning team, but your actions have spoken loudly and have said much different.

In fact, your actions have said the complete opposite.

It’s obvious that your priority is the Detroit Red Wings but that is not fair to us Tigers’ fans who deeply want to see a championship-winning baseball team, like your father wanted dearly.

We understand the Tigers are in the midst of a major rebuild, but Al Avila has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to give us even the slightest confidence that he is the man to orchestrate such an important task.

But more importantly, YOU have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to give us any reason to believe you (or anyone else in your family) should continue to own the team we love.

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So, Chris, WE DEMAND you sell the Detroit Tigers before the start of the 2020 baseball season.


Detroit Tigers’ fans

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