Dear Matthew Stafford: Thank You for Everything

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Dear Matthew Stafford,

I have been attempting to convince myself for the past couple of seasons that the Detroit Lions would eventually get things turned around and that you would end up bringing a Super Bowl title to the city of Detroit.

Despite the numerous rumors about you eventually moving on, I continued to write about how there was no chance that you would leave the Lions and that you would eventually ride off into the sunset wearing the Honolulu blue and silver. I did this even though I knew in my heart that you would be better off somewhere else.

But as we now know, you have requested to be traded and the Lions will reportedly do their best to make that happen so that you can get a fresh start with a contender. (You have since been traded to the Los Angeles Rams)

Before you leave, I want to say thank you. Thank you for always giving your all on the field, despite playing on subpar teams, but more importantly, thank you (and Kelly) for always going above and beyond in our community. What you have done for those in need will never be forgotten and for that, we are all thankful.

Moving forward, I (and many Lions’ fans) will continue to root for you and I really hope you are able to win a Super Bowl before your career is over because you deserve it.

Matthew, good luck and thank you for everything.

Detroit Lions’ fans



3 thoughts on “Dear Matthew Stafford: Thank You for Everything”

  1. This is just wrong!!! Matthew Stafford had given his heart, soul, AND BODY for over a decade –setting all sorts of records and being–proving it in many ways–one of the best quarterbacks in the league!!! He should be able to stay ONE YEAR (for starters) to see if he might have a team that he could take to the playoffs–with new coaching and other front office items. I’m sure he will “recover” but he has to be sad–his heart is in Detroit–no matter who says what–including him. BIG MISTAKE!!! VERY SAD!!! GOOD LUCK, MATTHEW!!!

  2. Thank you Matthew you will always be in our harts good luck with your next journey I hope you win one or two

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