Dear Mrs. Ford: Only one thing will make us happy

Note: The views expressed in this EDITORIAL do not necessarily reflect the views of Detroit Sports Nation or a majority of its writers and should not be misconstrued as such. The views contained within are the views of the author and the author alone. 

First of all, let’s get something straight before we get going. I am 37-years-old and have been taught since I was just a wee lad to always show respect to my elders, no matter what. That is exactly what I intend to stick to as I write this editorial about how I and many other long-time Detroit Lions fans will only be truly happy if one thing happens.

So, if you want to read something that refers to Mrs. Ford as “Martha” or “Old Lady” then this is not the piece for you. If you are looking to read an editorial that is overly negative in nature, then you will want to move on. This is a piece that comes straight from my heart following Monday’s “move” by the Lions to relieve Joe Lombardi from his position as offensive coordinator. This is a piece that is directed towards the owner of the Detroit Lions, Mrs. Martha Ford.

This is the last time

Mrs. Ford, you got us again.

You and the Lions brass somehow tricked myself and many of the other fans in Detroit to thinking this season would be different. You somehow used smoke and mirrors to make us believe that THIS Lions team was THE team that would make us forget about the past.

Well, we fell for it again. But mark my words Mrs. Ford, THIS is the last time we will have the wool pulled over our eyes.

No more scapegoats

Mrs. Ford, your team is 1-6 following Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Vikings, a far cry from where we thought they would be at this point of the season. On Monday, the decision was made to fire your offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi. Sure, Lombardi was a train wreck, but do you really expect us to jump for joy because of that move? Do you really expect us to give your team a free pass yet again?

We expect more. We DEMAND more!

It’s time to completely clean house Mrs. Ford. That means firing Jim Caldwell and the rest of the coaching staff. It also means firing Martin Mayhew. You know, the general manager who has only managed to dig this team further into the ground. Guess what Mrs. Ford, it even means that you have to fire your good family friend and Lions team president, Tom Lewand. Mrs. Ford, showing Lombardi the door should just be the very beginning of a clean sweep of your organization.

Detroit Lions secondary ranks among worst in NFL

But wait, there is more.

There is one common denominator

Mrs. Ford, on November 22, 1963, your husband William Clay Ford Sr. purchased controlling interest in the Detroit Lions for roughly $4.5 million and owned the team until he passed in 2014. During that time, your team has only won one playoff game and that is unacceptable.

Since owning the Lions, your family has hired and fired multiple general managers and has hired and fired multiple head coaches. But guess what Mrs. Ford, during all of those years of suffering, there has only been one common denominator.

The Ford family.

Only one thing will make Lions’ fans happy

Mrs. Ford, don’t get me wrong here. I know that you and your family have wanted to bring a Super Bowl trophy home to Detroit for a long time. But that has not happened. That will never happen if things remain the same in your organization.

It’s time to move on.

Mrs. Ford, I ask on behalf of every Lions fan who has suffered through years of turmoil but have stayed true to their team. I ask on behalf of the children who are growing up wearing Lions jerseys but are too young to understand the horrid history of the team they love. But most of all, I ask this on behalf of the City of Detroit. You see Mrs. Ford, Detroit is a city that has been beaten down enough over the years but deserves better. It deserves to win a Super Bowl!

With all due respect Mrs. Ford, I ask for you to do the one and only thing that will make us happy. I ask that you sell the Detroit Lions franchise immediately.

Thank you for your time,

Lions Nation



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