Dear NFL on Fox and Rob Riggle: WE are Detroit and WE are pissed!

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In case you missed the train wreck of a pre-game show, ‘NFL on FOX’, which the FOX channel tries to stuff down our throats every Sunday morning, today’s debacle featured a segment that took yet another cheap shot at OUR city. THE CITY OF DETROIT!

During a segment which was titled “Remembering 2015” Rob Riggle, who is not even remotely funny, thought it would be a good idea to “pay our respects to what was lost in 2015.” It included things such as Peyton Manning’s quarterback rating, Dabbing, and understanding/agreeing what a catch is. Nothing too over the line, until the 1:20 mark when a picture of Detroit pops up.

Was it a picture of some of the beautiful buildings in the city or of a beautiful day in downtown? No! It was a photo of falling apart buildings almost like a bomb went off, with a sign that said “Detroit City Limits.”

See for yourself as I punch a hole in my wall!!! (Remember, skip ahead to the 1:20 mark if you want to avoid Riggles moronic grin)

What an absolute joke the NFL on FOX show is and what a waste of space Riggle is.

Have the Lions underachieved in 2015? Absolutely. Did Jim Caldwell allow the Lions to lose to the Packers on the worst defended Hail Mary in the history of football? No doubt about it.

So, Mr. Riggle, take your stupid little shot at OUR football team, but stay the hell away from OUR city! YOU obviously have no clue what Detroit is all about!

Detroit is a city of hard-working, persevering individuals who like to kick their feet up on a Sunday and watch their beloved team, the Detroit Lions take the field against all comers. Win or lose, it is an escape from what can be a very difficult life at times.

WE certainly do not appreciate catching an ignorant segment on a played-out pre-game show ripping OUR city. WE will not stand for it any longer.

So, on behalf of the outstanding people who make the city of Detroit what it is, I demand an apology for the cheap shot that you took at one of the grittiest cities in America.

It truly is Detroit vs. Everybody, and it is time to take a stand!





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