Dear T.J. Lang: We understand if you hang up your cleats and leave the Detroit Lions

[Originally published on 10/2/18 but it still rings true now that he is out for the season with a neck injury]

Dear T.J. Lang,

On Sunday, against the Dallas Cowboys, on what seemed like any normal NFL play, you were part of a collision that caused you, a strong professional athlete, to drop to your knees in pain. At first, there was speculation that it could be your back flaring up again but we later learned it was a “brain-injury” and you were being placed in concussion protocol.

Unfortunately, this is not your first go-around with injuries to your brain. In fact, according to you, this is at least the fifth “brain injury” you have suffered and you have always come back as soon as you could to help your teammates on the field.

This is not a letter to tell you what to do or to give you advice. It is simply a letter to let you know that we, your fans (Lions and Packers), have you in our thoughts and prayers and we would understand 100% if you decide to hang up your cleats.

Back in a 2016 interview, you made a comment that could not be truer than it is right at this moment.

“Now, it’s not just me anymore. Now, I’ve got people who are really depending on me.” You said.

Of course, you were referring to your wife, Laura, and your beautiful children.












T.J., as a father and husband myself, looking at that photo above nearly bring tears to my eyes. Your teammates are important, your team is important, and WE, your fans are important, but nothing is as important as what you see in the photo above, your family.

Just know that we will support whatever decision you make. If you decide that playing football is what is best for your family, we have your back. If you decide that it is time to ride off into the sunset to be with your family, that is great too.


Your fans (Lions and Packers)

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