Derek Dorsett and Andy Andreoff square off for a good fight [VIDEO]

While a very small percentage of hockey fights are deemed a “bad fight”, not everyone wants to see one guy get his hindquarters clearly handed to him by another. Sometimes you wanna see a good, close fight that gets the team energized. That's what we get in this bout between Derek Dorsett and Andy Andreoff.

The contenders shed their gloves right off the faceoff and square up with one another. Neither one ever really seems to have an edge over the other, but it's still a fast paced, energized bout from both players. We'll definitely have to call this one a draw.


ROUND THREE! Milan Lucic fights Dalton Prout [VIDEO]

There’s a bit of a “fight history” to this story, so let’s start from the beginning.

November 30, 2013. After a scuffle in front of the net, then-Columbus Blue Jacket Dalton Prout and former Boston Bruin Milan Lucic have their first bout. It’s an innocent enough fight, as much as a fight can be, and the two take their majors and move on.

Fast forward a year later to November 21, 2014, and we have the start of a slight fighting rivalry. After jawing and some pushing and shoving, Lucic and Prout look as if they’re going to throw hands again. It ends with Prout dropping Lucic with one punch and Lucic crying through the officials holding the two apart. It was not considered a fight, as the two received offsetting roughing minors, but it painted a bit of foreshadowing for the two players’ next meeting.

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