Derek Lalonde Wants To Get In On Kneecap Biting, Invites Dan Campbell To Speak 2022

Derek Lalonde wants Dan Campbell to talk with the Detroit Red Wings and maybe obtain some of that GRIT that everyone's talking about!

Earlier today, Derek Lalonde said he loves Dan Campbell‘s passion and invited him to talk with the Red Wings whenever the Detroit Lions season ends. Lalonde says Campbell has “the same passion and excitement the fan base has here with Coach Campbell, I have, too.”

Why it matters: Lalonde has been a fan of Dan Campbell for a long time and says he is going to the Lions' Thanksgiving day game. While he is a self-proclaimed Buffalo Bills fan he adds that the Lions are his favorite NFC team.

  • Lalonde turned down an invitation to attend Lions training camp and has been kicking himself ever since.
  • Derek has been a fan of Dan Campbell since his first year coaching the Detroit Red Wings.

“My favorite AFC team up against my favorite NFC team in the Detroit Lions,” Lalonde said Tuesday. “I've just always liked the Detroit Lions, something about that powder blue. How can you not?”

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Derek Lalonde Said This About Campbell

“I've liked watching him, his passion, what he's about,” Lalonde said. “He's been fun to watch, so I'm looking forward to meeting him some time. Not looking forward to wrestling him, or getting in a bar brawl with him. Maybe if he's on my side.”

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Derek Lalonde wants to talk with Dan Campbell
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