Deshaun Watson continues to be linked to Detroit Lions

Will Houston Texans’ QB Deshaun Watson replace Matthew Stafford as the Detroit Lions‘ quarterback when the 2021 season begins?

In my opinion, there is zero chance that happens but the Lions continue to be mentioned as a possible destination for Watson if he demands a trade.

The latest publication to link Watson to the Lions is Cody Benjamin CBS Sports:

Motor City needs new blood across the board, and with Matthew Stafford likely set to enter the trade market himself, the Lions could immediately revitalize interest in their franchise by adding a QB of Watson’s caliber. They’ve got enough cap space to make it work. They’ve got high draft picks to put on the table. And their QBs coach, Sean Ryan, held the same position alongside Watson in Houston from 2017-2018, the QB’s first two seasons in the NFL.

Personally, I disagree with Benjamin that Stafford is “likely” to enter the trade market as I believe the Lions will keep him around for the 2021 season and potentially beyond that. That being said, if Stafford demands a trade (this would surprise me), then all bets are off.

But either way, I would be absolutely floored if the Lions trade for Watson during the coming offseason.

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4 thoughts on “Deshaun Watson continues to be linked to Detroit Lions”

  1. I thought zero. Chance. As cap hit if Stafford leaves is 21mil? Right? So zero Chance as that would cripple cap since will be lower next year I believe. Just take news as usual at this point. MS going nowhere.

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