DeShon Elliott responds to rumor he ‘needs to get the (bleep) out of Detroit’

    If you happened to tune in for the start of Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots, you may have noticed that veteran S DeShon Elliott did not get the start on defense.

    Now, you may think there is nothing to Elliott not starting against the Patriots, and that may be the case.

    Maybe starting Elliott on the bench was part of the shake-up that head coach Dan Campbell said was coming, or maybe there was more to it.

    What did DeShon Elliott say?

    Near the end of the week leading up to the Lions' game against the Patriots, @NFC_Lions on Twitter tweeted out a photo that he claimed was from a private Instagram account owned by DeShon Elliott.

    The photo, which has since been deleted, was allegedly posted to the account's “Story,” and it included something along the lines that Elliott was saying he “needs to get the (bleep) out of Detroit.”

    Following that photo being tweeted out, @PrideOfDetroit questioned the rumor, asking for proof.

    Though the photo was not re-posted, @NFC_Lions did post a response from Elliott.

    As you can see in the screenshot below, Elliott responded by saying the screenshot was fake.

    “That's fake, someone screenshotted my video and added that,” Elliott said.

    Is this why DeShon Elliott started Sunday's game against the Patriots on the bench? Personally, I am taking him at his word that it was not him that posted that message on Instagram. That being said, others have speculated that it may be why he started the game on the bench.

    Note: We have reached out to DeShon for further comment but have not heard back.

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