Designer creates options for new Detroit Lions uniform [Photos]

    Following the conclusion of the 2021 season, the Detroit Lions were eligible for a uniform change, but team president Rod Wood said that though there had been discussions, no changes would be made for the 2022 season. On Thursday night, we passed along a rumor from Detroit Lions News on Facebook that suggested the Lions have filed the paperwork necessary to change their uniforms for the 2023 season.

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    What do the Detroit Lions uniform designs look like

    A day later, Detroit Lions News dug up the following uniform designs from Dubya Design on Instagram.

    From Dubya Design:

    What I added: Blue facemask, much better. White middle helmet stripe, also filled in the gap with more of the blue stripe. Same width of modern helmet stripe but with the classic feel. Silver numbers and white outline, calling back to the early 80’s. I prefer the numbers like that because they match the sleeve stripes. Sock stripes, the Lions are an old team, they should have some traditional elements. Barry Sanders/90’s era throwback uniform.

    What I kept: Current font, looks modern, legible, and matches their wordmark. Current logo, it’s a modern version of the old one, no need for change.

    What I scrapped: sleeve ”LIONS” and ”WCF” memorial patch. They are redundant design elements that hurt the overall look. Gray Pajamas alt, most people despise it.

    Nation, what do you think of these designs? What would you like to see in a new Lions' uniform?

    Detroit Lions
    Detroit Lions
    Detroit Lions
    Detroit Lions

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    1. I’m a big fan of helmet and pants matching in a color that contrasts with white and dark jerseys.
      For these, I’d uncomplicate the sleeve stripes, or put the Northwestern design on the helmet and pants. And maybe find a place for that excellent patch.

    2. Excellent overall idea.
      I am a fan of helmet and pants matching in a neutral color that goes with home and away jerseys.
      I would make the sleeve stripes match the others, or vice versa. And find a place for that excellent patch, maybe on a front top corner.


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