Desmond Howard explains vulgar comment misunderstanding

Michigan alum Desmond Howard found himself in some hot water and has offered an explanation.

During the ESPN team’s 2019 football season debut broadcast from Walt Disney World on Saturday morning, Howard was asked by host Rece Davis if the Wolverines were going to finally be able to beat arch rival Ohio State this season.

“Is Desmond Howard gonna have to choke a b—h?” Howard appeared to say.

However, upon closer examination, Howard didn’t actually use any foul language, and was copying ESPN anchor Robert Flores, who used the joke as a play on words with the name of star tennis player Novak Djokovic. The original reference was from a skit comedians Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady, who did actually say “choke a b—h.”

Howard later apologized for the misunderstanding.

“Earlier today in the show, I’m a big Wayne Brady fan and I made a comment that was supposed to be taken as a joke,” Howard said. “If I offended anybody, I apologize. We can move on with the show.”