Desmond Howard says he believes Bo Schembechler did not enable Dr. Robert Anderson

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Desmond Howard

On Friday, Michigan legend Desmond Howard was participating in an AMA (ask me anything) session for ESPN and he was asked why he has not used his platform to hold Michigan accountable for the actions of Bo Schembechler in regards to Dr. Robert Anderson sexually abusing thousands of patients during his time at the university.

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Howard’s responded by the question and while doing so, he said he does not believe Schembechler ever enabled Dr. Anderson to sexually abuse his patients.

“I use my platform for issues that I believe in with great certainty,” Howard responded. “I happen to be on the side of the fence that believes Coach Schembechler’s biological son, who said he did not enable Dr. Anderson. I appreciate your question — you can believe what you choose to believe, and I’ll believe what I just previously expressed.”

Here is a screenshot from the AMA session.

Desmond Howard

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