Detroit City FC’s “Northern Guard Supporters” hesitant on DCFC representing Detroit in MLS

The talks of an MLS team coming to Detroit have racked up within the past week. MLS Commissioner Don Garber has stated Detroit as a possible expansion squad as the team plans to grow to 28 teams.

There have been constant movements, talks, and plans to try and hasten this process in Detroit.

Many media outlets have shown great attention to Detroit City FC, Detroit’s most popular soccer team. There has even been speculation that Detroit City FC could fill the role of an MLS team. We here at DSN even believe it is a top five possibility when the MLS comes here.

A surprising source has come out with caution regarding this move however. Detroit City FC’s “Northern Guard Supporters” wrote a substantial piece regarding their caution of Detroit City FC possibly being assimilated into the MLS.

For context, here is a description of the supporter group via their Facebook page:

“We are a supporters group for our beloved Detroit City Football Club. We don’t care about the league we’re in, we care about the club we adore. We’re not supporting DCFC until something better comes along. Detroit CIty is our passion, not our placeholder.

We’re loud, vulgar, and rowdy. We use words and phrases that would make a seasoned sailor blush, but we also throw one hell of a party in the supporters section.

Our club gets our undying devotion, our club’s opponents get our undying fury. Join us on match day: No dues, no membership hurdles…just unwavering support for our local club.

We’re the Northern Guard Supporters: Louder than our foes.”

The Northern Guard piece illustrated the possible issues that could arise from such a grassroots team like DCFC. Their points were both interesting and thought-provoking. Take a look below and see what you think of their concerns of DCFC becoming Detroit’s MLS team:

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