Detroit comedian creates video mocking Matt Patrica’s post game press conference

If you have been following Matt Patricia‘s post-game press conferences this season, they all pretty much sound the same. To be honest, that is completely fine with me. The job of the head coach, Patricia in this case, is to coach up the players so they are ready to perform on Sunday’s, not to entertain during press conferences.

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That being said, it can be frustrating to listen to Patricia following a loss, when all you want is some honest answers.

Following Detroit’s 14-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, a loss which eliminated the Lions from the playoffs, Detroit Comedian Zach Martina took to Facebook to mock Patricia with a fake presser of his own.

This is pretty damn funny!

Detroit Lions @ Buffalo Bills : Matt Patricia Post Game Press Conference 2018

Coach Matt Patricia following the Detroit Lions defeat at the hands of the the Buffalo Bills. Topics include Matthew Stafford’s injury, Kenny Golladay’s playmaking & Jim Bob Cooter’s ability as offensive coordinator.

Posted by Zach Martina on Sunday, December 16, 2018


Detroit Lions’ Jarrad Davis uses profanity to describe his play on Sunday

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions lost to the Buffalo Bills in their third to last game of the 2018 season. With the loss, the Lions dropped to 5-9 and they are officially eliminated from playoff contention.

After the game, while heading to the team buses, Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis used some choice words to describe his mistake late in the game.

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“I fucked up,” Davis said. “That’s it. I fucked up. I messed up and lost it for the team.”

The play Davis was referring to came on a third-and-7 play with two minutes remaining in the game and the Lions trailing 14-13. It looked as if the Lions would get the ball back, that is until Davis jumped offsides, giving the Bills a third-and-2, which they took advantage of, ending the game.


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