Detroit Lions 2020 Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show Update

Each year, the Detroit Lions host their annual Thanksgiving Day football game, and though most tune in for the football, there are some who only care about the Halftime Show.

But this is 2020 and due to COVID-19, it sounds like things will be much different in Detroit this year as a Halftime Show has not been released and the game is just one hour away.

On Wednesday night, a fan reached out to Tori Petry to see if she had any inside info as to whether or now the Lions will have a Halftime Show.

According to Petry, she has not heard of anything. She did not that it’s possible that CBS is planning something but there will not be a performance in the stadium because there will not be fans in the stands.

The Sporting News also has not heard of anything regarding a halftime show.

From The Sporting News:

The Lions have not announced a halftime performer for 2020. They’ve consistently had performers at halftime in recent years, including Mike Posner in 2018 and Brothers Osborne in 2019, so this could be due to a new emergency order in Michigan.

On Nov. 15, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer announced an extensive emergency order to combat the fast rising cases of COVID-19 in the state. Among other things, the order prevents the Lions from having fans at Ford Field on Thanksgiving. The order says, “”Professional and college sports meeting extraordinary standards for risk mitigation may continue without spectators.” 

It’s likely that a halftime show wouldn’t meet “extraordinary standards for risk mitigation” with Robert Gordon, the director of the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, adding that “no attendance means no attendance,” according to the Detroit Free Press

We will wait and see if CBS does anything special but for now, it looks like Lions fans will have to be satisfied with the product on the field.

Uh oh!