Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft picks: Following Week 17 win over Bears

    Following their Week 17 win over the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions have now improved to 8-8 on the season, and their playoff hopes are still alive. Of course, the more games the Lions win, the lower their draft slot will go, though, we are completely fine with that if it means them finding a way into the playoffs. As far as the Los Angeles Rams go (we care about them because the Lions get their first-round pick), they lost to the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 17, which helps the Lions in terms of their draft position. Below are the Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft picks following Week 17.

    2023 NFL Draft Detroit Lions

    What picks in the 2023 NFL Draft do the Detroit Lions hold?

    Following their win in Week 17, the Lions hold the No. 17 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. In addition, the Lions also have the Los Angeles Rams' first-round pick, which has moved up to the No. 6 overall pick. The Rams still have a shot at finishing with a top-three pick, but they would have to lose their final game and get some help.

    Here is the full 2023 NFL Draft Order: (Via Tankathon)

    1 Houston2-13-1.156--.485Lost 1
    2 Chicago3-13.1880.5.566Lost 9
    3 Denver  SEA 4-12.2501.5.485Lost 2
    4 Arizona4-12.2501.5.526Lost 6
    5 Indianapolis4-11-1.2812.0.507Lost 6
    6 LA Rams  DET 5-11.3132.5.517Lost 1
    7 Atlanta6-10.3753.5.470Won 1
    8 Las Vegas6-10.3753.5.471Lost 2
    9 Carolina6-10.3753.5.474Lost 1
    10 New Orleans  PHI 7-9.4384.5.502Won 3
    11 Tennessee7-9.4384.5.504Lost 6
    12 Cleveland  HOU 7-9.4384.5.520Won 1
    13 NY Jets7-9.4384.5.532Lost 5
    14 Washington7-8-1.4695.0.540Lost 3
    15 Pittsburgh8-8.5005.5.526Won 3
    16 Green Bay8-8.5005.5.528Won 4
    17 Detroit8-8.5005.5.535Won 1
    18 Miami  Forfeited8-8.5005.5.541Lost 5
    19 Seattle8-8.5005.5.465Won 1
    20 Jacksonville8-8.5005.5.471Won 4
    21 Tampa Bay8-8.5005.5.502Won 2
    22 New England8-8.5005.5.504Won 1
    23 NY Giants9-6-1.5947.0.522Won 1
    24 Baltimore10-6.6257.5.504Lost 1
    25 LA Chargers10-6.6257.5.434Won 4
    26 Cincinnati11-4.7339.0.531Won 7
    27 Minnesota12-4.7509.5.482Lost 1
    28 Dallas12-4.7509.5.506Won 2
    29 San Francisco  DEN 12-4.7509.5.414Won 9
    30 Buffalo12-3.80010.0.509Won 6
    31 Kansas City13-3.81310.5.452Won 4
    32 Philadelphia13-3.81310.5.478Lost 2

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