Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft picks: Following Week 8

We usually wait until after Monday Night Football to publish this article but we decided to toss it out a bit early this week. The Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft picks have been updated and as you can see below, thanks to their 1-6 record to start the season, they currently hold the No. 1 overall pick in next year's NFL Draft. At the moment, the Lions also hold the No. 13 overall pick (Via Los Angeles Rams) but that will likely change to No. 14 if the Buffalo Bills change on to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. (The Bills lead 24-7 at halftime)

UPDATE: The Packers did lose so the Lions currently hold the No. 1 and No. 13 picks in the 2023 NFL DRaft

Where will the Detroit Lions end up picking in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft

The current Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft order (along with where all of the other teams will pick) is listed below (Thanks to Tankathon), and though it is certain to change quite a bit as the season goes on, we are starting to get an idea of which teams will be picking at the top and which ones will have to wait patiently for their first-round pick.

Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft 2023 NFL Mock Draft

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Nation, do you think our Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft order will end up with them holding the No. 1 overall pick? If it does, who would you select with that pick?

1 Detroit1-6.143.581Lost 5
2 Houston1-5-1.2140.5.527Lost 2
3 Carolina2-6.2500.5.439Lost 1
4 Pittsburgh2-6.2500.5.512Lost 2
5 Jacksonville2-6.2500.5.535Lost 5
6 Las Vegas2-5.2861.0.465Lost 1
7 Cleveland  HOU 2-5.2861.0.481Lost 4
8 Tampa Bay3-5.3751.5.458Lost 3
9 New Orleans  PHI 3-5.3751.5.469Won 1
10 Denver  SEA 3-5.3751.5.480Won 1
11 Arizona3-5.3751.5.519Lost 1
12 Chicago3-5.3751.5.567Lost 1
13 LA Rams  DET 3-4.4292.0.492Lost 1
14 Green Bay3-4.4292.0.575Lost 3
15 Indianapolis3-4-1.4382.0.520Lost 2
16 New England4-4.5002.5.512Won 1
17 Washington4-4.5002.5.570Won 3
18 Cincinnati4-3.5713.0.500Won 2
19 Atlanta4-4.5002.5.417Won 1
20 San Francisco  MIA 4-4.5002.5.458Won 1
21 LA Chargers4-3.5713.0.453Lost 1
22 Seattle5-3.6253.5.446Won 3
23 NY Jets5-3.6253.5.504Lost 1
24 Miami  Forfeited5-3.6253.5.508Won 2
25 Baltimore5-3.6253.5.446Won 2
26 Kansas City5-2.7144.0.452Won 1
27 Dallas6-2.7504.5.543Won 2
28 NY Giants6-2.7504.5.550Lost 1
29 Tennessee5-2.7144.0.500Won 5
30 Minnesota6-1.8575.0.508Won 5
31 Buffalo5-1.8334.5.523Won 3
32 Philadelphia7-01.0006.0.496Won 7

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