Detroit Lions’ 2023 Roadmap: Unpacking the NFC North Strength of Schedule

For the Detroit Lions, the 2023 NFL schedule is less a list of dates and more a roadmap to potential glory – if we can navigate the challenges of the NFC North.”

As Lions fans, we eagerly anticipate every new NFL season. This year, the release of the 2023 schedule brings more than just dates for our calendars, it brings an analytical lens to the strengths and weaknesses of our NFC North rivals. Understanding the roadmap that lies ahead for us and our divisional opponents is crucial to anticipating the highs and lows of the upcoming season.

Why the NFC North Strength of Schedule 2023 Matters for the Lions

The strength of schedule isn’t just a statistic; it’s a barometer for the challenges that await us in the 2023 season. It paints a picture of the hurdles our Lions and our division rivals will face. Every game, every matchup, every win or loss by our NFC North neighbors could impact our journey to the playoffs.

By The Numbers – The NFC North Strength of Schedule 2023

The Lions’ strength of schedule stands at .495, ranking us 20th in the league. In the NFC North, we’re up against the Minnesota Vikings (.497), Green Bay Packers (.476), and the Chicago Bears (.497). These numbers highlight the competitive nature of our division and the balanced battles we can expect this season.

NFC North Strength of Schedule

The Big Picture – Understanding the NFC North Strength of Schedule

With the Falcons, boasting the easiest strength of schedule at .417, set to square off against the full NFC North division, their performance could serve as a litmus test for our own. The Falcons’ clashes with the Vikings and Packers, and their match in London against the Jaguars, will offer insights into the strength of our division rivals.

Going Deeper: Beyond the Falcons, other matchups across the league will shape the NFC North’s journey this season. The Bears, Packers, and Vikings all have their unique roadmaps, and every twist and turn they face could impact us. So, as we gear up for the 2023 season, let’s not just focus on our own games, but keep an eye on our division rivals as well. After all, understanding their challenges helps us prepare for our own.

The upcoming season isn’t just about our performance; it’s about navigating the challenges of the NFC North as a whole. By understanding the strength of schedule for our division, we can better anticipate the battles ahead. Let’s roar into 2023, Lions!

NFL strength of schedule 2023 for every team (NFC North Bold)

  1. Philadelphia Eagles — .566
  2. Miami Dolphins — .554
  3. New England Patriots — .549
  4. Dallas Cowboys — .549
  5. New York Giants — .549
  6. New York Jets — .545
  7. Buffalo Bills — .542
  8. Washington Commanders — .535
  9. Los Angeles Rams — .533
  10. Las Vegas Raiders — .524
  11. Arizona Cardinals — .519
  12. Los Angeles Chargers — .517
  13. Denver Broncos — .517
  14. Seattle Seahawks — .517
  15. San Francisco 49ers — .514
  16. Kansas City Chiefs — .512
  17. Cincinnati Bengals — .510
  18. Chicago Bears — .497
  19. Minnesota Vikings — .497
  20. Detroit Lions — .495
  21. Baltimore Ravens — .484
  22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — .483
  23. Jacksonville Jaguars — .477
  24. Green Bay Packers — .476
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers — .470
  26. Cleveland Browns — .460
  27. Carolina Panthers — .453
  28. Tennessee Titans — .448
  29. Indianapolis Colts — .434
  30. Houston Texans — .431
  31. New Orleans Saints — .427
  32. Atlanta Falcons — .417

Reader Resources:

  1. Detroit Lions Official Website: For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Lions’ schedule and team updates.
  2. NFL Official Website: The primary source for all things NFL, including detailed information about the strength of schedule for all teams.
  3. ESPN’s NFL Section: Offers analysis, stats, and reports about all NFL teams, including the Lions and their strength of schedule.
  4. Pro Football Reference: A comprehensive resource for historical statistics and information on the NFL strength of schedule.
  5. The Athletic’s Detroit Lions Section: For deep dives into the Lions’ strategies, player interviews, and expert commentary.
  6. Football Outsiders: Known for advanced NFL stats, the site offers unique insights into strength of schedule and other metrics.

Remember to always cross-reference information between multiple sources to get the most accurate picture of the team’s prospects.

Written by Jeff Bilbrey

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